Frequently Asked Questions

How do I connect to the service?

There’s no fixed rule how you connect to the STF service so you can choose from Public Internet, Private connection or Direct connection. We prefer it to be Private or Direct so that the End-to-End quality of calls can be better maintained.

Do I need to have a bilateral agreement with every country?

STF membership means you don’t have to have, or manage, any relationship except the one with STF. Joining the federation gives you instant access to every other member.

How do I order a SIP Trunk service in a different country?

Ordering SIP Trunking services is easy via the STF online portal. Simply choose the country to buy service in, tell us a few details and then let STF do the rest.

Can I port numbers from an existing supplier to the STF service?

As long as your target country allows number porting then yes STF will support it. Not only that, but STF will manage the porting activity on your behalf leaving you to focus on your Enterprise customer.

Can I modify services bought in a different country?

Yes you’ll be able to manage services through the STF portal as if they were provided by yourself locally.

What if something goes wrong, who manages the trouble ticket?

The first line of contact for your Enterprise customer is always yourself. If it looks like the fault is in the STF service you can log a trouble ticket and then let STF manage it through to resolution.

How do I manage multiple bills from international providers?

STF manages the collation and mediation of call records (CDR) and invoices and provides you with a single bill with detailed information to allow you to onward bill the correct Enterprise customer.

How much does joining cost?

There’s no fee or commitment to becoming a member.

How can I make money buying service through STF?

STF provides you a wholesale commercial model allowing you to resell to your Enterprise customers at a rate you define.

Are SIP Trunks ordered through the STF allowed to make calls to emergency services?

Yes, the SIP Trunks will allow calls to the emergency services of the country where the SIP Trunks are provided.

Can I provide local numbers to my customer?

Yes, STF enables you to provide new numbers for your Enterprise customer to use for their office.